Monday, August 30, 2010

For an an alternative perspective on economic policy: read Billy blog

Bill Mitchell's blog Billy Blog-alternative economic thinking is an excellent site to read about the myths and propaganda promulgated by mainstream economists, economic commentators in the media and most politicains and political commentators. 

As a non-economist interested in economic matters I greatly appreciate Billy blog's sustained critique of neoliberal and neo conservative market economics.

Reading one of his latest posts about the standard myths that dominate most neoliberal economic thinking I found this:
"The overwhelming sentiment of the business community and the conservative nature of our political system (and its participants) leads to a largely anti-government swell of opinion which is continually reinforced by the media – the “debt-deficit hysterics”. The neo-liberal expression of this over the last three decades has overwhelmingly imposed massive political restrictions on the ability of the government to use its fiscal policy powers under a fiat monetary system to ensure we have full employment.

We now accept very high unemployment and underemployment rates as a more or less permanent feature of our economic lives because of the political constraints imposed on government"

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