Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Australians thinking and writing about Markets and Society

Damien Cahill  is an Australian academic who has written extensively about the influence of neoliberalism and the use of market solutions to an increasing number of social issues. Some of his writings can read here and here.

Damien is also the co-convenor of the Markets and Society Research Network at the University of Sydney, which  brings together social scientists concerned about markets and society to discuss the social foundations of markets; the regulation of markets; the social effects of markets; and the shifting boundaries between the state, private sector, and civil society.

Like this blog, the Market and Society Research Network aims to challenge orthodox conceptions of markets at a time of increasing ‘marketisation’. This  includes critical examination of the role and nature of markets, the legitimate scope of markets as well as investigations of markets as sites of contestation.

The Network recently ran a 2 day conference to critically analyze the increasing reliance on market-based solutions in Australia  in areas such as  climate change, provision of human services, childcare services, health, education, superannuation and housing. The program and the papers can be read here.

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